Halo top - ice cream for adults

Ice cream should go to those who need it most: Fully-grown adults with stressful jobs, complicated relationships, and occasional knee pain. Not children whose lives are filled with joy and wonder. Luckily Halo Top has only 300 calories in every pint — so you can eat the whole thing.

It’s ice cream for adults. Because adults need a lot of ice cream.

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This one aired during The Bachelor and features a cameo from one of the show’s most recognizable stars, former Bachelor Nick Viall. Because nobody knows more about love than a guy who’s been dumped multiple times on national television.

The moment before the spot premiered, our ice cream man made an appearance on the show and gave away a year’s supply of Halo Top to one of this season’s Bachelor contestants. Things got pretty wild.

We also created a ton of social content about all the reasons you might need to eat an entire pint of Halo Top. Here’s a compilation of greatest hits.

(My personal favorite contains a reference to the imminent post-apocalyptic “Water Wars” which I’m just going to assume is a first in the category.)